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LAX is trying to create shorter waits for Uber and Lyft riders

This makes a lot of sense

In an effort to try and reduce traffic from ride-hailing app driver and their passengers, Los Angeles International Airport is working with Lyft and Uber to test a new program that could cut down on traffic in the main terminal area, the Los Angeles Daily News reports.

The new program is called, appropriately, Rematch, and it has a pretty common-sense goal: It connects drivers dropping a passenger off with a different rider waiting to be picked up. (Essentially, doing what taxis already do.)

Before Rematch, a ride-hailing driver dropping off a passenger would proceed to a waiting lot at the airport, where they’d await their next rider. Now, there’s “ a short window when they can be notified that a new passenger is ready to be picked up,” which reduces wait times for passengers and makes the drop-off and pick-up process smoother.

The program rolled out for Uber drivers six weeks ago, and for Lyft drivers, two weeks ago. Already, it’s reduced the number of pickups around the airport’s central loop by 35 percent, Keith Wilschetz, deputy executive director for operations and emergency management for Los Angeles World Airports, told the News. (LAWA operates LAX.)

LAX is planning some larger-scale changes to cut down on traffic and connect the airport to light rail, including an automated people mover and a central rental car facility, but those won’t be

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

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