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For $549K, a Montecito Heights bungalow with treehouse vibes

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Get a load of that porch

The Montecito Heights house has a porch you can get comfortable on. Photos by Jo David.
Courtesy of Alison Gilbert

Located in the slim valley between Montecito Heights and Lincoln Heights (technically the small Happy Valley neighborhood), this one-bedroom bungalow is spread out across two lots measuring a combined 8,100 square feet.

From its lush perch on a cul-de-sac, the main residence house appears to offer privacy and the feeling of being in a treehouse.

Coming in at 817 square feet, it sits atop a flight of stairs and offers a spacious, wide porch. Inside, exposed white beams criss-cross the ceiling giving the space an open, lofty look.

The updated kitchen opens onto a large, covered patio via a set of double doors. The bedroom also opens onto the patio, which is always a bonus.

The main house shares the property with a detached studio unit, which the listing suggests could be used as anything from a guest bedroom to a home office.

Built in 1929, the house last sold in 2013 for $351,000. It’s now asking $549,000.