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After a flip, little yellow Eagle Rock bungalow asks $695K

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920 square feet

Photos by Charmaine David
Courtesy of Tracy Do/Compass

This 920-square-foot Eagle Rock residence sits off Eagle Rock Boulevard and isn’t far from Colorado Boulevard, which has a more cohesive stretch of restaurants and destinations.

Built in 1923, the bungalow’s interior has been totally redone to include modern touches like recessed lightning and an updated kitchen.

The house, though not enormous, does offer ample space for a breakfast nook and laundry room. And though the two-bedroom house offers just one bathroom, it’s been updated.

Behind the house, there’s a blank-slate of a yard that’s modest but definitely has room to accommodate parties, and there’s already a concrete patio.

Last sold in April for $590,000, the house is now listed for $695,000.

Correction: An earlier headline for this article incorrectly stated the house’s price. It is $695,000, not $659,000.