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34-story tower planned for Brentwood moving forward

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It would include 376 new apartments

Rendering of tall Brentwood apartment building Los Angeles Department of City Planning

A new 34-story high-rise planned for Brentwood is inching closer to reality. The Los Angeles City Council’s Planning and Land Use Committee on Tuesday approved a development agreement under which the project’s developer, Douglas Emmett Management, will contribute $625,000 to an affordable housing trust fund over the next four years.

The project, located at 11770 Wilshire Boulevard, would replace an existing commercial building with 376 units of housing—16 of them set aside for very low-income households (those making less than half of LA’s median income).

The development is now also set to include a nearly 1-acre public park (more than twice the size of what was formerly proposed) at the intersection of Wilshire and Stoner Avenue.

Known as the Landmark Apartments, the project has been in the works for several years and has undergone at least one redesign in that time (it was once scheduled to open in 2017).

In addition to the apartments, the project will include a four-level underground parking garage with 1,122 spaces. A 17-story office building at Wilshire and Granville Avenue will be preserved in the new design.

Amenities for residents will include a swimming pool and pool deck, a fitness center, lounge, recreation room, and bicycle storage area.

According to an environmental report on the project, it will take about 30 months to construct, with the apartments opening as soon as 2020.