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State funds could bring bike share to South LA and USC

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Even more money will go to bike sharing programs in the San Gabriel Valley

Metro’s bike share system expanded to the Port of LA Monday, and on the same day a staff recommendation from the California Transportation Commission made the agency the likely recipient of a $2.5 million grant funding the program’s expansion into South LA.

As Streetsblog California notes, those funds could be available within a year assuming the CTC board accepts the recommendation.

The money, which comes from cap-and-trade dollars, would help bring bikes and docking stations to parts of South LA, the area around USC, and communities around the Expo Line corridor.

But Metro won’t be the biggest recipient. The recommendation designates close to $4.6 million to the San Gabriel Valley Council of Governments for other new bike share projects. Metro’s program expanded into Pasadena in July, but the system has not yet reached other parts of the region.

The Inland Valley Daily Bulletin reported in June that the council was analyzing which parts of the San Gabriel Valley have the pedestrian activity to support new bike stations. Some officials in the area have also proposed a bike share system at the county Fairplex in Pomona, though it’s not clear whether that would be part of the expansion proposed by the council.

Metro plans to expand bike sharing to Venice later this year, and could soon partner with Culver City to bring the program there as well.