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Cruise the future LAX people mover in this new video

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Hard to believe we don’t have one of these already—but better late than never, right?

It’s hard to imagine a day when Los Angeles International Airport won’t be choked with traffic, but a new video helps. First spotted by Streetsblog and produced by Los Angeles World Airports, which operates LAX, the video offers a brief look at how the automated people mover will connect travelers to terminals, and how improvements at the airport will fit together.

The new people mover will have three new stops within the terminal area and three outside, including stops at the new Airport Metro Connector 96th Street Station, where it will connect to the Green and Crenshaw light rail lines. The train will operate every two minutes, and it will run 24/7, for free.

The automated train is part of a larger program called the Landside Access Modernization Plan, which aims to reduce LAX traffic. Two other major elements of the plan are a streamlined drop-off and pick-up structure and a unified car rental facility.

The construction of these new facilities will require more space, and the city recently decided to invoke eminent domain to get the last of the property in the LAX-adjacent neighborhood of Manchester Square that’s needed to build out part of the project.

LAX expected LAMP to break ground this year and wrap up in 2023, but with a pending lawsuit against the project, it’s unclear if that timeline will be disrupted.

Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

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