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Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction develpment moving forward ... just very slowly

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Still some planning hurdles to jump

The building planned for 4311 Sunset Boulevard.
Department of City Planning

Developers Frost/Chaddock have applied for a building permit to start construction on the first of three buildings—including a hotel—they intend to erect in Silver Lake’s Sunset Junction. But don’t expect a groundbreaking any time soon.

Eastsider LA reports the building department has yet to sign off on the permits, because the project hasn’t yet been approved by the city. There’s no fixed construction timeline, and Glenn Gritzner, a spokesman for the project, told the Eastsider that he didn’t expect the project to go before the city’s planning commission until early next year.

The Killefer Flammang Architects-designed Sunset Junction project has always been for a trio of buildings near the intersection where Sunset and Santa Monica boulevards meet, but last summer, the developers revealed a big change: They wanted to make one of the buildings a hotel.

The project, first proposed in 2012, had already faced pushback from local residents concerned about the effect of the three buildings on the character and traffic flow through their neighborhood. For some, those concerns were heightened when the hotel component was introduced.

The mixed-user that would replace a structure known as the Bates Motel. In 2015, the building, long vacant, was covered in white paint as part of an art installation.

The building permits, which were filed in June, indicate that parts of the plan are still in flux: permits say the four-story building at 4311 Sunset would have 108 residential units plus commercial space. That’s about 41 fewer units than the 2014 plans for the project proposed.