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Dodger Stadium traffic: LA working on a new plan to handle game-time crowds

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Residents near the stadium say their streets have become too busy

Cars stuck in traffic at Dodger Stadium
City officials want a new traffic plan to deal with congested residential streets around Dodger Stadium.
Malingering | creative commons

Fans caught in Dodger Stadium traffic may soon have a harder time ducking in and out of side streets to beat the rush on game days. The Los Angeles City Council’s Transportation Committee on Wednesday asked the city’s department of transportation to come up with a new traffic plan that would limit access to certain residential streets before and after Dodger games.

A motion from Councilmember Gil Cedillo, who represents the area around the stadium, notes that residents have complained to the city about increased traffic “during sold-out games, opening day, division championships, and world series games.”

The Dodgers have not been to the World Series since 1988, but (knocking on wood here) this might just be their year.

At the committee meeting, resident Lydia Moreno blamed the increase in traffic on apps “such as Waze and Google Maps” that often divert drivers onto smaller streets to avoid congested thoroughfares.

Neighborhood prosecutor Kurt Knecht told the committee that he’s met with residents on behalf of the city attorney’s office and that a new plan to deal with the traffic is “absolutely essential.”

LADOT will need to study the issue before updating the existing traffic plan for game days and events at Dodger Stadium, but changes proposed in Cedillo’s motion include closing down streets and placing traffic officers at the following locations:

  • Lilac Place at Douglas Street
  • Innes Avenue at Sunset Place
  • Everett Street at Sunset Place
  • Savoy Street at North Broadway
  • Solano Avenue at North Broadway
  • Casanova Street at North Broadway
  • Amador Street at Jarvis Street
  • Bouett Street at Solano Avenue
  • North Boylston Street at Academy Road and Scott Avenue
  • Jarvis Street at Academy Road from 110 Freeway

Major League Baseball attendance numbers show that the Dodgers have larger home crowds than any other team, with an average of 45,241 fans at every game. If you’re planning on going to a game and don’t want to contribute to all that traffic, here are a few other ways to get to the very centrally located stadium.