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West Hollywood residents call for environmental review of ‘massive’ mixed-user

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They’re concerned about the impact of the six-story building “looming over single family homes”

The proposed project would take out this car wash on La Cienega and replace it with apartments, retail, and restaurant space.
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West Hollywood residents want a proposed six-story mixed-use development on La Cienega Boulevard near Rosewood Avenue to undergo an environmental review, reports WeHoville.

The project is technically located in Beverly Grove, though it is near the border with West Hollywood, and the city of Los Angeles isn’t planning to do an environmental review of the project.

So residents who live near the project are attempting to nudge the West Hollywood City Council to push the Los Angeles City Council to conduct a review of the project.

In a post on Facebook, the West Hollywood West Residents Association says it wants “an Environmental Impact Report or a study to evaluate the effects of this project on traffic, groundwater and hydration, shadow and shade or noise and privacy impacts from this massive building looming over single family homes.”

The post asks residents to write emails and attend West Hollywood City Council meetings to voice support for an environmental analysis—“a complete study that will consider protections to our established neighborhood.”

The project at 431 N. La Cienega will include 96 apartments (nine of them reserved for very low-income tenants), 5,500 square feet of retail space, and as much as 8,500 square feet of restaurant space. The developer is Ohio-based Stark Enterprises.