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LA fireworks light up the city in a stunning time-lapse video

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It’s completely mesmerizing

The city of Los Angeles. Here's how it looked from Mount Wilson last night. Shot on a @sonyalpha a9.

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The time-lapse was captured over the course of three hours from the Mount Wilson Observatory.

Seen from the right vantage point, the seemingly endless lights of Los Angeles look particularly striking, and all the more so when thousands of fireworks are illuminating the night sky.

Take this hypnotic time-lapse taken July 4 from the vantage point of Mount Wilson as a case in point. Captured by photographer Dylan Schwartz, the video contains images of major fireworks shows at Grand Park, Dodger Stadium, and elsewhere—along with a host of amateur rockets shot from all over the urban area.

Schwartz tells Time that he and two friends captured all the images seen in the video over the course of about three hours, using four different cameras. The resulting time-lapse uses images from all four cameras and was carefully compiled by Schwartz over the course of about six hours.

We’ve seen time-lapses of Los Angeles before, but this one is particularly effective at capturing the scale of the city’s Independence Day festivities. The newly finished Wilshire Grand also makes for a very impressive centerpiece for all the mayhem.