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Stylish, midcentury-inspired tiny homes coming to Palm Springs

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100 of the little houses are planned to go in at a mobile home park

A photo of the front exterior of the micro home and it’s deck.
The “micro homes” start at 600 square feet and $115,000.
Courtesy of Paul Kaplan Group

The tiny house trend is coming to Palm Springs in a big way, thanks to two developers who are planning to bring 100 new “micro homes” to the desert city.

The Desert Sun says developers Ravinia Communities and Goetz Ventures will build the small homes at Palm Canyon Mobile Club, a mobile home park that dates to the 1940s. Though they’re marketed as “micro,” the houses don’t have much in common with the sometimes comically small residences featured on HGTV shows devoted to the tiny house trend.

One big difference is size. The homes will start at 600 square feet for a one-bedroom model. All the houses come with 9-foot-tall ceilings, clerestory windows, and their own little yards, plus the option for a hot tub or furnishings.

And unlike many tiny homes featured on TV, these houses all feature full-size appliances and bathrooms, notes Paul Kaplan of Paul Kaplan Group, which is handling the sales of the micro homes and also helped with the design.

“The micro homes we believe are more livable than many of the tiny homes typically featured on TV,” Kaplan tells the Sun. The homes, built locally in Corona, “are designed much craftier than the traditional mobile home, for maximum space” and fit in nicely with the midcentury modern aesthetic that many expect to find in Palm Springs, according to the Sun.

Despite the big list of amenities the houses offer, their prices are still fairly affordable. The houses start at $115,000, with a $650 monthly rental fee for the house’s site in the park. There are three available now, says the Sun.