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One-bedroom in Arts District’s swanky Barker Block Lofts asks $799K

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The spacious unit features hardwood floors and exposed brick walls

Exterior of Barker Block warehouse building
The unit is located in the more recently opened section of the Barker Block complex.
Photos courtesy Randelle Green

This one-bedroom unit is located in the Arts District’s fancy Barker Block condo complex—specifically in the Warehouse No. 1 wing, which opened in 2014.

Most of the units we’ve seen in the former furniture factory have a very industrial chic vibe and this unit is no exception. Features include hardwood floors, brick walls, exposed ductwork, and rough-hewn timber beams. Wide windows and high ceilings help give the place a very open look.

View of living area

Neatly tucked into the corner of the unit, the kitchen has stainless steel appliances and a gas range. Meanwhile, the unit’s single bathroom features an elegant subway tile shower.

Brick walled living room

Per the listing, the 1,070-square-foot unit has only been occupied by a single renter, and it probably looks much the same as when the building opened three years ago.

Rooftop pool

Community amenities include a swimming pool, spa, fitness center, and a parking spot. Asking price is $799,000, with HOA dues of $423 per month.