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Landscape artist asks $3.95M for funky Venice studio

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The grounds have served as his “horticultural laboratory”

View of garden with home in background
The small house is surrounded by lush gardens and unique sculptural features.
Photos courtesy Jennifer Hughes, Bulldog Realtors

This unique Venice residence has served for many years as the studio of landscape artist Jay Griffith, and, as such, has functioned as a “horticultural laboratory for decades,” according to the listing.

The two-bedroom home was built in 1954 and is currently equipped more as an office space than a traditional residence. Still, it has some enviable features like walls of glass and an original mint-green tile bathroom.

The small 773-square-foot structure is built on an 8,207-square-foot lot, with a large pergola-shaded patio equipped with a makeshift outdoor fireplace. In addition to dozens of plant species, the grounds are equipped with stone walkways and sculptural features.

Office space
Office space with view outside

There’s even an old, oversized magic lamp sign that Griffith told the Los Angeles Times he spotted “driving down the street on the back of someone’s truck.” Three hundred dollars later, it was his.

Outdoor fireplace
Magic lamp sign
View of house and surrounding gardens

It’s not clear whether relics like the sign (which possibly came from the shuttered Aladdin Casino in Las Vegas, where Elvis and Priscilla Presley tied the knot) will be included in the sale, but they give the place a unique charm specific to the quirky atmosphere of Venice in days gone by.

Speaking of which, the house last sold in 1993 for $335,000. Located just two blocks up from Abbot Kinney Boulevard, it’s now asking just under 12 times that amount. The humble little residence is listed for $3.95 million.