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Take a tour through LA’s Art Deco City Hall

The dashing structure is more than just a civic building

This LA Art Deco stunner was the tallest building in the city ...

The shape of this Los Angeles stunner is based on one of the seven wonders of the world.

Posted by Curbed LA on Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Los Angeles’s City Hall is a more than just a government building: It’s a major gathering place for the entire city that hosts everything from tributes to late celebrities (it hosted a purple-themed party when Prince died) to LA’s New Year’s Eve bash, which projects a ball-drop onto the Art Deco structure.

Most people probably don’t just casually go inside the 1928 structure, but now thanks to a new Curbed video tour, viewers can take a spin through the gorgeous interiors, and gawk at the elaborately decorated ceilings. (It’s no wondering that the building has made so many appearances in film and television.)

The video tour also contains historical tidbits about the nearly 90-year-old tower, like how for decades, City Hall was the tallest building in LA because of a law prohibiting anything taller than it to be built.

And, in what’s essentially a public service announcement, the video makes a note of the building’s not-so-secret public observation deck on the 27th floor, which is a must-see spot to take in a sunset and 360-degree views of Downtown any time of the year.