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Remodeled Mt. Washington midcentury with a putting green asks $826K

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New appliances and terrific views

View of house from front Photos by Phillip Delgado, courtesy Carlos Valenzuela Rivas, Century 21

This 1952 residence in Mt. Washington is the recipient of a recent overhaul that has completely updated the interior of the 1,080-square-foot home.

Fronted by a fun overhanging roofline supported by a V-shaped pair of beams, the house has three bedrooms and a single bathroom, along with a game room, open living and dining area, and a kitchen with brand new appliances.

Living room leading into kitchen
Bedroom with mirrored closet
Glass doors leading to deck
Under the house

Last sold less than three months ago, the remodeled interiors don’t offer much midcentury flare, but glass doors in the living room help open up the space and lead to a very spacious wooden deck with stellar views across the city.

Backyard looking up at house

The home sits on a 4,928-square-foot lot with a hilly backyard equipped with a putting green. There’s also a bit of space beneath the house for outdoor seating or some creative gardening.

Deck looking toward hills

The home last sold for just $400,000, but after its recent renovations (which also included new electrical and plumbing), it’s now asking $825,900.