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Beverly Crest midcentury modern with time capsule feel seeks $2.7M

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Pretty groovy

The house on Gloaming Drive, as seen from the street. Photos by Cameron Carothers.
Courtesy of Deborah Glusker | Crosby Doe Associates

Designed by prominent Trousdale Estates architect Robert Skinner, this 1968 Beverly Crest residence features high, pitched ceilings and clerestory windows dotting the space, adding lots of light throughout the nearly 3,500-square-foot house.

From the street, the house has privacy thanks to a walled entryway and some foliage-covered gates. Parts of the three-bedroom house look a bit like a time capsule, with many features (wood-paneled walls, a stone fireplace) that appear date to the house’s early days.

As an added bonus, the house holds a second entrance that leads to a large living space with its own bathroom—a great home office or studio.

According to public records, the home last sold in 1976, for $175,000. It’s now listed for $2.695 million.