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Sunset Strip hotel will now open in August as The Jeremy

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The former James hotel is opening after all, with a new name and another big change on the way

The hotel sits at the corner of Sunset and La Cienega.

There’s another twist in the saga of the hotel in the Sunset Strip’s Sunset|La Cienega development.

A hotel called the Jeremy is now slated to open in the space, and, in a slightly confusing turn, the Jeremy is only planned to be open for about a year or so.

In that time, the Jeremy “will be transformed into the 1 West Hollywood,” the hotel’s new owner, Starwood Capital Group, announced Thursday. Representatives for Starwood Capital did not respond to requests for more details about the changes they’ll be making to turn the space into a 1 Hotel, which advertises itself as “eco-conscious luxury sustainable brand.”

An opening date for the 1 West Hollywood hasn’t yet been announced.

The 286-room hotel has been on a rollercoaster since June, when it was announced that the James hotel—long in the works at this site—would not be opening after all. In late June, it was announced that the hotel would open but as the latest outpost of the 1 Hotel brand.

Opening a temporary hotel is a smart financial move, says WeHoville—it will allow the property to generate revenue for what’s likely a pricey overhaul of the hotel, and it will also produce hotel room occupancy taxes for the city of West Hollywood.

The Real Deal reports that a sign for the Jeremy is already on the building. The Jeremy’s website shows the opening date as August 11, and uses all the same promotional images that the planned James hotel did.