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Peek into the dreamy new coffee shop opening in DTLA’s Spring Arcade

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The Cuban-inspired shop was designed by Omgivning

Interiors at the new Spring Arcade shop.
Courtesy of Don Francisco's Casa Cubana

Downtown’s Spring Arcade stretches between Spring Street and Broadway, and is lined with storefronts that are slowly filling in. The latest to move into the arcade is more than just the latest in a seemingly endless parade of Downtown coffeeshops—it’s also probably in the running for one of its most photogenic.

The new Cuban-inspired shop from the Gaviña family (of grocery store brand Don Francisco coffee) was designed by Downtown architecture and interior design firm Omgivning.

Photos of the space, seen on our sister site Eater LA, show a high-ceilinged space with accents of white, gold, and black. Everything—the finishes, the paint colors, and the plants—is intended to give the space “a fresh, relaxed, Cuban feel,” says Omgivning interior designer Norella Carboni.

Carboni also tells Curbed that the shop’s decor incorporates items from the Gaviña family’s personal collection of “antique coffee artifacts.” The vintage elements fit in perfectly in the arcade, a covered shopping lane built in 1924 that connects two office buildings—one fronting Spring and one fronting Broadway.

The shop, called Don Francisco’s Coffee Casa Cubana, took 11 months to design and build out, and it will open to the public on August 4, not August 1, as originally reported. Head over to Eater LA for all the details.