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Shopping center on Wilshire, just east of Santa Monica, getting a whole new look

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Say goodbye to the ’80s vibe

Renderings courtesy of Landry Design Group

The shopping center next to Q’s Billiards, Bruhaus, and Cabo Cantina on Wilshire Boulevard, just east of Santa Monica, will undergo a dramatic, $10-million facelift over the next 10 months.

The 1980s facade will be stripped away and given a contemporary treatment. Renderings show a wavy, metallic exterior; the storefronts will be clad in backlit metal screens and stucco, says Noel Fedosh, an architect with Los Angeles-based Landry Design Group, which is helming the redesign. (Fedosh says the metal screens will have a matte finish so they won’t be overly reflective).

The remodel will also include replacing a surface level parking lot with a pedestrian plaza that will include a water feature and bridge. Check it out: