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Air on the freeway is dirtier in the morning, study finds

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Roll up those windows

Traffic Congestion Costs Motorists Extra 38 Hrs A Week And Hundreds Of Dollars Photo by Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

Rush hour isn’t just the most frustrating time to drive on the freeway—it’s also the most unhealthy. A new study finds that the air on the freeway is “twice as toxic” as the air just off of the highway, and that it’s especially harmful in the morning, KPCC reports.

Researchers at Duke University and Georgia Tech found that the air quality is worse during morning rush hour than it is during evening rush hour.

They ran an experiment involving 60 cars on Atlanta freeways and found that the type of particles that drivers inhaled in the morning were more harmful than the kind inhaled in the evening; they include “unburnt gasoline, diesel soot and tiny specks of metals that come off brake pads.”

It’s possible that the air quality is worse in the morning, "because the air is still and temperatures are lower," says KPCC.

To help reduce exposure to harmful airborne particles, the research recommend recirculating the air within the car and rolling up the windows.

Read the full story over at KPCC.