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Gas station on Melrose at Highland razed for new apartments

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Make way for 19 apartments

The gas station at Highland and Melrose.
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Good-looking gas stations across LA are being saved and repurposed, but maybe this old 76 gas station in Hollywood, at Melrose and Highland avenues, just didn’t have that vintage charm. It’s being being razed to make way for apartments, the Beverly Press reports.

Permits from the city’s building and safety department show the gas station at 6535 West Melrose Avenue will be knocked down and replaced with a three-story apartment building with 19 units. The new structure will also have underground parking and a street-level restaurant.

The Beverly Press reports that the project appears to be a by-right project that needs no zoning changes to proceed, so it is not required to go before the planning department or the City Council and its various commissions.

It’s not clear who the project’s developer is, though the designer listed for it is Jay Vanos Architects, a Los Angeles-based firm.