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LAX plans to use eminent domain on homes in Manchester Square

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Nearly a dozen homes would be seized

A 2015 photo shows a street in Manchester Square.
Emily Kneeter/Flickr Creative Commons

The slow but steady process of clearing out residents from the LAX-adjacent neighborhood of Manchester Square is ramping up, reports KPCC.

Airport officials have decided to use eminent domain to seize 37 holdout properties in the neighborhood. The Los Angeles City Council is expected to give final approval to use eminent domain next month.

Since the Los Angeles World Airports board’s initial vote in June to forcibly take the homes, KPCC says, the owners of 26 of the properties have decided to sell. Tenants will receive funds to help with cost of relocating.

The neighborhood is being emptied to make room for a slew of new additions to LAX aimed at alleviating traffic, including a centralized rental car facility and a transit hub that will connect light rail to the airport via an automated people mover.

The airport has been gradually buying out residents since 1999. The largely deserted neighborhood has attracted homeless people looking for places where they won’t be disturbed. LAX has relocated the homeless as well.

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