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Expansive Westlake Victorian with fantastic front deck seeks $800K

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Built in 1895

Photos by Acme Studios.
Courtesy of Xio Sandoval/Century 21 Realty Masters

Just a few blocks away from the famed Langer’s Deli, this 1895 Victorian features some incredible details, from the carved wood adorning the porch to the fantastic floral frieze that runs along the front of the first and second stories like a burgundy ribbon.

Across the wide front porch and through the elaborately decorated front door, the house’s approximately 3,500 square feet of space hold an updated space with coved ceilings, an impressive staircase, the occasional built-in, and a lot of room.

The house has been updated, most obviously in the kitchen, where there are contemporary cabinets, a kitchen island, and a white tile backsplash. The house also has a new air conditioning systerm controlled by a Nest smart thermostat.

The seven-bedroom house last sold in 2015 for $372,500. It’s now listed for $799,900.