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Sardo’s, Burbank’s beloved karaoke bar, is closing

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The owner says the high cost of rent is partially to blame

Friendly to families and porn stars alike, Sardo’s Grill and Lounge will sing its last tune at the end of this month. The popular Burbank karaoke bar is closing, and its owner, Seymour Satin, says the cost of rent is partially to blame.

“Financially, I cannot go on. Costs are up and business is down. My rent was raised on January 1 and I am paying $10,000 per month plus the cost of labor, product, insurance ... I have tired to sell Sardo’s but with rent so high, no buyers are interested,” he explained in a Facebook post yesterday.

He also says he tried to relocate the business, but “parking is a major issue, where you need 10 parking spaces for every 1,000 square feet and that doesn’t exist in Burbank!”

Customers are devastated, and the remembrances are pouring in on Facebook:

“We had so many good times there for a decade and a half. You saw us come in for single girls nights, you met our fiancees, you saw us get married, and we even brought our kids there on family night. We have 1000s of pictures. Its part of all our histories,” one woman wrote.

The last call at Sardo’s, located at 259 North Pass Avenue, is July 28.

We spotted the news on Los Angeles Magazine; hop over there for more on the closure.