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New Beatrice West: New renderings of Frank Gehry-designed Playa Vista office building

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Gehry’s own offices will be part of the project

A rendering of the new campus. Renderings via Department of City Planning

An upcoming Frank Gehry project is set to rise close to home for the famed architect. New renderings for a Playa Vista building designed by Frank Gehry’s firm Gehry Partners give a close look at the new eight-story office project, called New Beatrice West, which would rise next door to the offices of Gehry Partners.

Design-wise, the structure is planned to be a “green” building, with low-flow water fixtures and energy-efficient lighting, as well as employing passive and environmental lighting. The renderings show that the building might also be literally green, covered with vine-like plantings and incorporating trees on pretty much every level.

Located at the corner of Jandy Place and Beatrice Street, the building would hold offices in its top five floors and retailers and restaurants in the bottom three. The bottom three floors would also hold some parking, though there would be two levels of underground parking for the project as well, for a total of 845 spaces.

There would also be long- and short-term bike parking spaces, with locker rooms and showers available for people who bike to work.

The project would occupy five contiguous lots at 12575 and 12541 Beatrice Street. This new, eight-story building will go up at 12575 Beatrice, but the project plans to include the “retention and incorporation” of the nearly 88,000-square-foot building at 12541 Beatrice Street, which currently houses the offices of Gehry Partners.

New landscaping, hardscape (new courtyards, paved paths), and parking would occupy the whole project site, and the new building’s parking space would be shared between the two buildings.

Planning documents anticipate a 22-month construction period for the project.

Gehry is working on another office project in El Segundo, a single-story, 80,000-square-foot office space called Ascend and aimed at emulating desirable warehouse-like creative offices.