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Fresh renderings show off West Hollywood’s 8555 Santa Monica development

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Live/work units, apartments, and solar panels on the roof

The five-story project includes 97 apartment, live/work units, and retail space.
Via City of West Hollywood

A proposed five-story project along Santa Monica Boulevard has a sharp new look on display in new environmental documents filed with the city of West Hollywood.

The development, which would take out two commercial buildings and three single-family homes, would wrap around Santa Monica and up West Knoll Drive. It would hold a variety of uses, including 97 apartments (15 of which would be affordable housing), 12 live/work units, about 6,000 square feet of creative office space, more than 15,500 square feet of retail space, and space for a restaurant.

The complex would also offer 337 vehicle parking spaces in underground and partially underground parking levels. The developer is Soto Capital LP.

The new renderings by DFH Architects show a sleeker version of the new building, which will use concrete, natural wood veneer, plaster, corrugated metal, and perforated metal screens on its exterior.

A “significant portion” of the rooftop would be outfitted with solar panels, which would share the space with two green spaces, a hot tub, and a sun deck.