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USC Village’s Target, Trader Joe’s will be open in the next month

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Half of all the stores in the development will open by mid-August, say USC officials

The new 15-acre USC Village has been under construction for almost three years and is now very nearly complete, which means that the new development’s mini-Target and (full-size) Trader Joe’s are also on the cusp of opening.

The Los Angeles Daily News reports this smaller format Target will open Sunday. The mini-Target will measure just 22,000 square feet (the average Target is 130,000 square feet) and will be the sixth smaller format store in the LA area.

“We also have a Trader Joe’s that will be opening in August and Starbucks that’s also coming in. More than 50 percent of the retail will be open by August 17,” Laurie Stone, an associate senior vice president for real estate and asset management at USC, told the News.

The $700-million development will bring over 100,000 square feet of retail space, five-story residence halls for 2,700 students, a fitness center, and a drugstore to the former site of the University Village shopping center. There will also be a collection of eateries laid out around a central, open-air plaza. Designed by Harley Ellis Devereaux, the buildings will be in a style dubbed “collegiate Gothic.”

The whole development is scheduled to be complete by this fall.

USC Village

W. Jefferson Blvd. & Hoover St., Los Angeles, CA