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Promenade at Howard Hughes Center makeover set to wrap up in 2018

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The shopping, dining, and entertainment complex is being rebranded as HHLA

Rendering of upper level deck space above central courtyard
The planned renovations are meant to give the complex a more open, contemporary feel.
Photos courtesy Laurus Corporation, Jerde Partnership

Westchester’s Promenade at Howard Hughes Center is getting a $30-million overhaul that will make the retail and dining complex a bit more pedestrian-friendly and rebrand the development as HHLA.

New renderings of the project show the basic frame of the structure will remain largely the same. But a series of facade changes and a more open design will update the somewhat fortress-like, faux Moderne style.

Austin Khan, chief investment officer of project developer Laurus Corporation, tells Curbed that the updates are aimed at making the center a “more upscale” destination appealing to new residents and employees in the area. The newly opened Altitude Apartments have added 545 high-end rental units to the neighborhood, while plans are afoot for another major residential project a block from the complex on Sepulveda Boulevard.

Khan says that about half the center’s current tenants will continue on through the overhaul, while about half will be replaced with new shops and restaurants.

New pedestrian crosswalk
Aerial view into courtyard
View of redesigned entrance point

Tammy McKerrow, senior vice president with project design firm Jerde Partnership, says the redesign will “completely transform the experience” for visitors to the shopping center. Among the most noticeable changes will be a new pedestrian crossing on Center Drive, wider decks and corridors on the second level, and a redesigned central courtyard that will provide easier access to the surrounding shops and restaurants.

Aerial view of the complex

McKerrow also notes that new signage and building facades should make the complex more eye-catching to drivers on the 405.

View of complex next to 405 freeway

Major tenants, including Dave & Busters, Starbucks, and the Cinemark movie theater will remain open throughout the renovations, which are expected to be complete by the second quarter of 2018.