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New apartments are rare in Beverly Hills. New plans would bring 90 units to the neighborhood

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If approved, it would bring 90 units to the neighborhood

Via Beverly Hills Planning Commission

Beverly Hills could be getting a new 90-unit apartment project at 9200 Wilshire Boulevard, between Palm and Maple drives. The project, if approved, would be a rare addition to the neighborhood, where for-sale condos are more common.

The project had been approved in 2007 as a 54-unit building with 14,000 square feet of ground-floor retail space. But developer New Pacific LLC wants to modify those plans, offering less retail and a lot more apartments. It needs the city’s approval in order to do so.

The six-story mixed-user would hold mostly one- and two-bedroom units, with some three-bedrooms on the top floor only. Along the ground floor there would be about 5,700 square feet of ground floor commercial space.

The building would also hold 275 underground parking spaces, and a shared pool and rooftop decks for residents.

The project was heard by the Beverly Hills planning commission on Thursday, and though a staff report recommended denying the modifications to the project, a divided commission decided instead to create an ad hoc committee to work with the developers to alter building design elements and reduce the number of total units, Beverly Hills Senior Planner Andre Sahakian tells Curbed.

A timeline for the project has not yet been released.

Right now, there’s a parking lot on the site.