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Rent a historic bungalow in Echo Park for $3,500 per month

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The charming little house is located near Echo Park Lake

The two-bedroom bungalow was built in 1916.
Photos by David Charbonier, courtesy of Tracy Do

Angelino Heights is best known for its ornate Queen Anne and Stick-style Victorian homes on Carroll Avenue, but the historic district “contains a wealth of domestic architecture dating back to the 1890’s.” Chief among those other styles: the California bungalow.

The bungalows, along with Craftsman-style homes, were built during the second wave of development of Angelino Heights (the Victorians were first). Many of them are located on Echo Park’s Kensington Road, including this darling two-bedroom available for lease.

Built in 1916, the little house is located just east of Echo Park Lake and comes in at 1,084 square feet. It holds a front porch draped in greenery; a sunny yellow living room with a decorative fireplace; a dining room with wainscoting and built-ins; and vintage, sage green kitchen cabinets.

It’s listed as a contributor to the historic district, and it’s available for rent for $3,500 per month.