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Queen Mary will be repainted to match original color scheme

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It’s part of a multi-million dollar overhaul

Queen Mary lifeboats and smoke stacks
The ship’s last paint job was 15 years ago.
John Sequeira | Curbed LA Flickr Pool

Major renovations are underway for the Queen Mary and on Monday, Long Beach Mayor Robert Garcia was on hand to help apply the ship’s first new coat of paint in 15 years.

The 1930s-era ocean liner may look a bit different once the painting is finished. As the Long Beach Press Telegram reports, Urban Commons, the ship’s new operator, is working with representatives from British company Cunard Line to ensure the color scheme matches up with the original paint job.

Cunard operated the ship from the time of its construction until it arrived in Long Beach in 1967. Since that time, the ocean liner has been operated by several different companies as a floating hotel and tourist attraction.

In the 83 years since it launched, the Queen Mary’s colors have shifted a bit, and the Press Telegram reports that the smoke stacks in particular could look noticeably different once the new layer of paint is applied.

Fresh paint is just one of many updates in store for the ship, which is currently in need of significant repair. A recent marine survey on the ship’s condition found the ship was in danger of sinking into the lagoon its moored in and estimated that the cost of necessary work to fully rehabilitate the vessel would be between $235 to $289 million over about five years.

The paint job is just one small portion of that total, but it still won’t be cheap; with around 240,000 square feet of the boat in need of primer and new paint, the cost will be around $3 million. It should be fully applied by early 2018.

Meanwhile, Urban Commons is moving forward with plans to develop the waterfront land around the ship with a massive entertainment complex set to include everything from restaurants and retail space to a hotel and indoor ice-climbing wall. The company is hoping to break ground on that project in the next two years.

The Queen Mary

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