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1940s Hancock Park condo is stylish and compact for $440K

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Wood floors, fancy ceilings, and plantation shutters

Courtesy of Todd Jones / Rodeo Realty

House-hunters who have grown tired of the white walls and midcentury furniture that are pretty much de rigueur right now are going to find this compact, one-bedroom condo in Hancock Park to be a breath of fresh air.

Located near Hancock Park’s border with Fairfax, the 1940s residence has decorative ceilings and wood floors paired with a cool, pastel palette. The galley-style kitchen holds vintage-looking cabinets and tile counters. But it all looks very contemporary and fresh.

The unit has just one bedroom and bathroom within its 685 square feet, but thanks to a few walls of windows, it never looks cramped. Plantation shutters are employed in the living room and bedroom to offer privacy.

The condo last sold in 2005 for $379,000. It’s currently listed at $440,000, with HOA dues at $332 per month.