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Los Feliz Neighborhood Council backs 5-story apartment complex at Franklin/Western

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But the council wants to see more units for low-income tenants

via Los Feliz Neighborhood Council

The Los Feliz Neighborhood Council is throwing its support behind a five-story apartment complex proposed for the corner of Franklin and Western. Some residents have argued the project would be too big for the neighborhood, so the developer offered to scale it down to four stories. But the council voted nine-to-seven Tuesday night in favor of the original, bigger project, says board president Luke Klipp.

There was one condition, he said. The board voted only to support it if the developer increases the share of affordable apartments in the 96-unit project from 16 to 22.

The smaller project would have included 75 units with 9 designated as affordable.

In exchange for building to five stories, which is taller than what zoning allows for that site, city rules require the developer to incorporate affordable housing.

Klipp called the 96 units a gain for the community. The new building—which would replace a Valero gas station and two bungalows—will also hold 5,546 square feet of retail space on the ground floor, along with surface-level and underground parking.

The project still has to be approved by the full Los Angeles City Council, so the neighborhood council’s vote serves as a recommendation.

Neighbors have been divided about the proposal. Resident Timothy Ferencz opposes it. He has told Curbed that it, “will block light, views and air to any and all of the surrounding buildings.”

But Klipp says, “it’s not any denser than some of the densest projects within a couple of blocks of that location that have been around for decades. It’ll be one of the taller projects, but not the tallest.”