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Holmby Hills estate that once housed Audrey Hepburn, Eva Gabor, and David Niven asking $14M

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Designed by architect-to-the-stars Paul R. Williams

Photos by Adrian Anz
Courtesy of Jade Mills/Jade Mills Estates

This Colonial Revival estate in Holmby Hills was once home to a slew of big-name Hollywood stars—Eva Gabor, David Niven, Audrey Hepburn, and Mia Farrow. Fittingly, the house was designed in 1938 by the man often called the architect to the stars, Paul Williams.

Located behind two large gates and approached by a brick motorcourt, the house features a dramatic, curving staircase in the entryway, a formal dining room, and bedrooms for both family and staff. Though the present decor is a bit distracting, it’s not hard to see that the house has great and glamorous potential.

The 1.1-acre property also holds a modest guest house, a detached two-bedroom unit that could be used as an office, a large pool, and tennis court.

The property was listed in 2015, with a $16.95 million price tag. The price has come down just a bit. It’s now asking $13.99 million.