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New six-story apartment complex planned for Palms

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The project would bring 41 units to a low-slung stretch of Overland Avenue

Construction fencing around project site Google Maps

A new apartment building may be on its way to Overland Avenue in Palms, where construction fencing has already gone up around the project site.

Plans filed with the city Tuesday call for a six-story structure with 41 units of housing at 3355 South Overland Ave. Four of those units would be set aside for very low-income tenants (those making under half of the median income in LA County).

In return for these affordable units, the developer has applied for a density bonus, allowing the project to rise a bit higher than area zoning requirements normally dictate. While not exactly towering, the building would certainly be taller than neighboring structures along this particular low-slung stretch of the street.

The plans indicate that the project will require demolition of the four units of housing and 2,569 square feet of commercial space that currently exist on the project site. Permits have already been filed with the Department of Building and Safety to begin grading and shoring work for the development.

The new project will be fairly transit-accessible. It’s located a little over a half-mile from the Expo Line.