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One of Neutra’s Strathmore Apartments in Westwood can be yours for $815K

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Original hardwood floors and bathroom tile

Photos by Brian Thomas Jones.
Courtesy of Brian Linder/The Value of Architecture

Always wanted to live in a landmark? Here’s your chance. A unit in Richard Neutra’s Strathmore Apartments has come up for sale. This two-bedroom residence is one of four condo-style units in the Westwood complex.

The National Parks Service has called the building, “one of California's highest quality examples of a courtyard garden apartment complex designed in the International Style.”

All the apartments are organized around a landscaped central garden. This front unit features large, steel casement windows that take in the light wonderfully. The residence also contains its original hardwood floors and timeless bathroom tile.

Plumbing and electrical have been upgraded, but little else appears to have changed.

The Strathmore Apartments complex was built in 1937 and was designated a Historic-Cultural Landmark in the late 1980s. The complex’s famous residents over the years had included Orson Welles, John Entenza, and Charles and Ray Eames, says the listing copy.

The unit has come on the market before; back in 2010, it listed for the same price—$815,000.