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Lovely Expo Line-adjacent Craftsman asks $679K

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Curb appeal and charming interior details

Courtesy of Thomas Lind

If character and transit accessibility are at the top of your wish list, here’s a Craftsman-style home in Jefferson Park’s historic district that may fit the bill. It’s located just under a mile from the Expo Line’s Expo/Crenshaw station, and though it’s been updated, it retains plenty of original charm.

For starters, there’s a fetching facade with a handsome rock porch and pillars and a steep pitched roof. Built in 1910, the home’s interior features boxed ceilings, wood built-ins, a stately fireplace, wood floors, and leaded windows, along with an updated kitchen and bathroom.

Measuring 1,364 square feet, it holds two bedrooms, plus a small third room that is staged as an office.

Last sold in August 2016 for $595,005, the property, located off 36th Street and Arlington, is now asking $679,000.