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Indie band The xx shows off a dreamy, radiant LA in their new music video

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The “I Dare You” video features color-saturated shots of LA and a stop at the Sowden House

The xx playing for some teens in the Sowden House’s courtyard.

If there’s one thing we’ve seen proven time and time again, you simply can’t go wrong shooting a music video in LA. This time around, it’s English indie band The xx with the video for their song “I Dare You.”

Alasdair McLellan directed the band’s “love letter to Los Angeles,” centering its action in the neighborhood of Los Feliz. Millie Bobby Brown from Stranger Things kicks off the video by missing her school bus and inserting herself into the school-skipping plans of some older kids, Paris Jackson and Moonlight’s Ashton Sanders among them.

For the beautiful teens, it’s a day of dancing, looking pensive into the distance, and driving around color-saturated LA neighborhoods. Eventually, they come upon the Lloyd Wright-designed Sowden House, doubling as a haunted mansion.

While investigating the scary house on a dare, the youths discover The xx playing synth licks around the famed home’s courtyard pool. They dance and look pensively into the distance.

As dusk settles on the city, young hearts are broken, romantic dances had, and LA adds yet another beautiful film portrayal to its already impressive reel.

Sowden House

5121 Franklin Ave., Los Angeles, CA