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See how Crenshaw Boulevard’s Great Streets reboot could look

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High-visibility crosswalks and curb extensions are on their way

Street improvements are on their way to Crenshaw from Florence to 79th.
Google Maps

A half-mile stretch of Crenshaw Boulevard will be transformed under the Great Streets program, and a presentation posted to the program’s website, first spotted by Urbanize LA, has some good before-and-afters illustrating how the thoroughfare will look post makeover.

Under the program, which is bringing improvements to segments of 15 streets in each of the Los Angeles city’s council districts, road improvements would affect a half-mile stretch of Crenshaw from Florence Avenue down to 79th Street.

Renderings included the presentation use 76th and 79th streets as examples and show curb extensions, more visible crosswalks, and better ADA ramps among the host of upgrades.

North of Florence, Metro’s constructing the brand new Crenshaw Line. Improvements to this segment of the road will “ensure that other parts of Crenshaw Blvd are not left out of new activity and investments in the Hyde Park community,” says the program’s site.

According to a timeline in the presentation, preliminary work (striping, adding bollards) is expected to get underway this August and last about a year, with the remainder of the improvements going in starting September 2018.

An even further-reaching Crenshaw Boulevard Streetscape Plan aims to eventually expand these kinds of street improvements north, toward the 10 freeway.