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660-square-foot house in Glendale’s Verdugo Woodlands seeks $575K

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The 1920s house has two patios and a cute yard

The one-bedroom house is located in a lovely neighborhood.
Courtesy of Leah Dilbeck / Dilbeck Real Estate

The old adage goes that new homebuyers should look for the smallest house in the best neighborhood they can afford. This cozy, 660-square-foot house in Glendale’s Verdugo Woodlands is probably one of the smaller single-family homes available in this bucolic neighborhood.

Built in 1922, it looks thoroughly updated inside, from the central air and heat to the full bathroom with subway tile in the shower.

Tile and wood floors alternate throughout the space, which includes a bright kitchen and a living room large enough for a sectional sofa.

The one-bedroom house offers a front patio, back patio, and cute backyard, making more space to entertain.

The house last sold in 2014 for $480,000. It’s now listed for $575,000.