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Cheery Highland Park house with farmhouse-style kitchen asks $729K

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It’s small but charming

Photos by Martha Benedict, courtesy of Deirdre Salomone

It’s no surprise by now that Highland Park is a desirable and increasingly expensive place to buy property. Take this cute home on Eaton Street, on the border of Eagle Rock, as an example. Measuring just 979-square-feet and holding two bedrooms and one bath, it listed four days ago for $729,000, well above the county’s median price of $560,000.

It packs a lot of cottage-like charm in that small amount of space: a stove in the living room, a yellow clawfoot bathtub in the bathroom, a vintage stove in the farmhouse-style kitchen, and exposed rafters and French doors in the dining area that connects to a wood deck.

Built in 1930, the cheery bungalow sits on a lot that measures 3,513 square feet. It last sold in 1991 for $160,000.