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Julia Roberts buys a low key ranch house in Malibu

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It’s her third home in the area

View of ranch house from the street
The three-bedroom home comes with a gate key to the exclusive Little Dume beach
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If we told you that Julia Roberts had purchased a new home in Malibu’s ritzy Point Dume area, we’re guessing you probably wouldn’t picture an unextraordinary ranch house with a patchy yard and an unkempt tree out front. But as Variety reports, the Oscar winning actress has bought exactly that home, paying just under $3.9 million for the primely located property.

This is the third property that Roberts and her husband, Danny Moder, have purchased in the neighborhood, including a pair of homes directly across the street from one another. Variety speculates that this latest buy may be an investment property or simply a very expensive guest house for friends, family, or staff.

Just over 1,600 square feet in size, the home has three bedrooms and a single bathroom. Features include a large backyard, two-car garage, and several garden areas with fruit trees. Built in 1949, the home was being offered for the first time in five decades, according to listing material.

The most attractive feature of the property may have been a rare key to the Riviera 1 gate, leading to the ultra-private Little Dume beach. Worth nearly $4 million? We’ll let you decide, but it’s worth mentioning that Roberts did get a bit of a discount on the property. It was initially listed for $4.45 million.