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Two new apartment complexes planned for Chinatown

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They’ll bring 70 units to the neighborhood

View of vacant lot
The two structures will rise from neighboring lots on the eastern side of Chinatown
Google Maps

A pair of new residential projects planned for Chinatown could bring 70 new apartments to the neighborhood.

Plans filed with the city on Tuesday call for the construction of a six-story apartment building with 33 units at 708 South New Depot Street. Three of those units will be set aside for very low-income tenants.

As Urbanize LA reports, a neighboring project is already being planned by the same developer, Bunker Heights, LLC. The five-story building, which is set to rise from a vacant lot at 849 North Bunker Hill Ave, would include 37 units (two of which will be reserved for very low-income tenants).

The two structures are being designed by Labyrinth Design Studio with a wavy, stacked blocks aesthetic and plenty of balcony space.

Black and white rendering Los Angeles Department of City Planning

Chinatown hasn’t seen the kind of development that has transformed adjacent Downtown neighborhoods in recent years, but a few new projects have been announced in the area within the last year. They include a Johnson Fain-designed mixed use development and a glassy, millennial-oriented project near the Gold Line.