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LA rental map: Where prices are highest and lowest around the area

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The cost of rent can vary wildly from neighborhood to neighborhood

View of apartment building with palm tree
According to rental website Zumper, Santa Monica has the highest rents in the LA area

Los Angeles rental prices are high and getting higher, but prices can vary quite a bit from neighborhood to neighborhood. Rental website Zumper has released a map showing where rents are highest—and lowest—in different parts of the LA region this month.

The prices are based on one-bedroom apartment listings featured on Zumper’s site, so they may trend toward higher-end developments, but the map certainly gives an idea of which neighborhoods are in demand with those looking for a new place.

The most expensive area on the map is Santa Monica, where median rental prices are $3,050 per month, according to Zumper. Neighboring beach communities Venice and Marina del Rey aren’t far behind, with prices hovering around $2,950 and $2,740, respectively.

An influx of tech money in the area may have contributed to the rising rents in these neighborhoods, where prices are now higher than ritzy neighborhoods like Westwood ($2,660) and Beverly Hills ($2,650).

Prices are also quite high in Downtown LA, where Zumper lists the median one-bedroom price as $2,500. That amount is especially high given that prices in surrounding neighborhoods like Westlake ($1,550), Pico Union ($1,425), and Echo Park ($1,770) are hundreds of dollars less per month.

Map of rental prices around the city Courtesy Zumper

The most affordable neighborhoods on the map (sadly, Zumper’s map does not extend into the Valley, East LA, or the South Bay, so we can’t comment on rental prices in those areas) are Historic South Central, Central Alameda, and the swath of South LA represented by the Voices of 90037 Neighborhood Council. Median rental prices in all three areas are under $1,200 per month.

By Zumper’s reckoning, the median price for a one-bedroom rental citywide was $2,130 in May, up from $2,090 a month earlier.