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Angelina Jolie buys Cecil B. DeMille’s glamorous Los Feliz mansion

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The sale price: $24.5 million

Courtesy of Brett Lawyer/Hilton & Hyland

Rumors surfaced in April that humanitarian, actress, and director Angelina Jolie might be buying a glamorous Old Hollywood mansion in Los Feliz’s gated and star-studded Laughlin Park community. Now the Los Angeles Times is confirming it.

Sources tell the paper that Jolie paid $24.5 million for the one-time Cecil B. DeMille residence—a discount from its $24.95 million listing price, but still enough to shatter the record for most expensive sale in Los Feliz. That record was held by the 2015 sale of the historic Rossetti residence to heiress Lydia Hearst and comedian Chris Hardwick.

The centerpiece of the DeMille estate is a stunning mansion built in 1913. The six-bedroom residence has been thoroughly restored, and it features beautiful wainscoting, an updated kitchen, and a dining room with wood paneling. The mansion shares the property with a pool house and a studio. The grounds mix formal gardens, lawns, and water features.

The DeMille estate is so named because the filmmaker lived in the roughly two-acre estate for four decades. After his death, DeMille’s family held on to the property until it was sold in the late 1980s, says the Times.

The most recent sellers were writer Richard Grossman and art consultant Lisa Lyons, who had previously listed the house in 2006, asking $26.25 million.