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Inglewood in talks to build new Clippers arena across from NFL stadium

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It could be built within five years, says Inglewood’s mayor

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Maybe sharing a stadium is okay for the Rams and Chargers, but the Clippers appear to be getting fed up with sharing their venue. ABC7 reports that the Inglewood City Council voted unanimously Thursday to start negotiating an agreement with the basketball team that would bring an 18,000- to 20,000-seat basketball arena to the city.

The news station reports the property that Inglewood is considering for the Clippers arena measures 22 acres and is located just across the street from LA’s future NFL stadium site. The land, located between Prairie and Yukon Avenue south of Century Boulevard, is mostly owned by the city. The Clippers would put a new arena, plus offices and a training facility on the site.

Inglewood Mayor James Butts tells ABC7 that he expects the arena could be built in five years.

“This, to me, changes the center of gravity in Los Angeles County to Inglewood,” Butts tells ABC7, adding that the addition of a venue for the basketball team would make Inglewood a destination.

Inglewood is already the site of a giant, under-construction NFL stadium that will house the Rams and Chargers when complete. Next to that stadium, there’s a whole neighborhood planned, with offices, retail, food, a manmade lake, and 3,000 units of housing on 238 acres.

The Clippers’ rent space in the AEG-owned Staples Center now; their lease runs through 2024.