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Fresh renderings of Arts District’s Second and Vignes project with private club

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The building’s going to have a growth spurt—from two to seven stories tall

Via Department of City Planning

When the Challenge Cream and Butter Company building in the Arts District sold to developers Est4te Four two years ago, information about the plans for the site indicated a unique approach to the property that would preserve the existing 1920s structure but add more space as well.

Now, thanks to city planning documents, first spotted by Urbanize LA, we’re getting a good look at how the building could look post-transformation.

Those documents say new floors would be added to the top of the two-story warehouse at 929 East Second Street, at Second and Vignes, growing it to seven stories.

With the added floors, the structure would gain nearly 64,000 square feet of space. The resulting taller building would house an eatery, a cafe and coffee bar, retail space, studios for artists, and a private club. The building would also hold offices, a gym and pool, and a restaurant for the use of the private club’s members.

The project would have robot parking in the existing basement level and the planned fourth floor.

The former one-time Challenge Cream and Butter Company building was designed by the firm of architect Charles F. Plummer, who would later join architects Welton Becket and Walter Wurdeman and form Plummer, Wurdeman, and Becket. The trio would go on to design, among others projects, the bygone Pan-Pacific Auditorium in Fairfax.