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LA is close to deciding how to spend Measure H funds

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Emergency housing could get the bulk of the first funds

A panel in charge of figuring out how to spend money generated by Measure H is close to pinning down the budget, with the bulk of it—as much as $300 million—going it to emergency housing, says KPCC.

Voters in March passed Measure H, a quarter-cent sales tax increase to prevent people from going homeless in Los Angeles County. The tax hike will go into effect in July.

It’s expected to raise $355 million a year, but figuring out how to spend the money—which projects and issues to fund first—has been an issue. Outreach to homeless people, temporary supportive housing, a rehousing program, and supportive services such as job training and mental health treatment were all priorities expressed by campaign officials.

KPCC now reports that roughly 85 percent of the panel has agreed on how the money might be spent in the first three years.

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