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Updated designs for the George Lucas Museum in Exposition Park

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The design got a little more compact but is still very futuristic

Via Department of City Planning

A presentation set to be delivered to the city planning commission next week has revealed a slightly updated look for the Lucas Museum of Narrative Art, planned for Exposition Park. The presentation, first seen on Urbanize LA, shows a version of the museum that’s a bit more compact than previous renderings of the project had indicated.

The museum, designed by Ma Yansong of MAD Architects, will contain a variety of uses beyond just the museum space. The presentation breaks it down:

  • Ground level: The museum will split into two wings, with archive space in one wing and, in the other, the museum lobby, two state-of-the-art theaters, a museum shop, and a cafe
  • Second floor: Offices, plus educational space with classrooms
  • Third level: A library
  • Fourth level: Here, the separate wings unite in the museum’s main exhibition spaces
  • Fifth level: More exhibition space, plus a sit-down restaurant and “a continuous public roof garden” that gives the museum a kind of space-hobbit look

The $1-billion Lucas Museum would be built on what’s currently two parking lots just west of the Natural History Museum and the Coliseum.

Construction of the Museum is expected to start in January 2018 with completion by 2021.