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Bike share coming to Pasadena and Port of LA in July

More than a dozen bike hubs will be placed on the waterfront

Bike share bikes at a station Roberta Romero / Creative Commons

The expansion of Metro’s bike share program into Pasadena has been anticipated for months, and now we’re learning that not only will July bring the black-and-neon-green bikes to Pasadena but to the Port of LA.

KPCC reports that 13 stations will open along the approximately two-mile-long stretch of the waterfront close to such attractions as the Battleship Iowa, the L.A. Maritime Museum, and the Ports O’ Call Village. There will also be three stations in Wilmington, including one each at both ends of Wilmington Waterfront Park.

The Port of LA is a great location for these bikes. The attractions are placed fairly far apart—those long stretches may tempt visitors to get in their cars to shuttle among them.

Placing bike hubs on the San Pedro waterfront will make even more sense as the area’s many planned projects are completed. There’s the vast, 35-acre ocean science research facility in the works for City Dock No. 1 and a huge makeover for the Ports O’ Call Village—set to begin construction this year—that will have the kitschy spot looking like Disneyland meets the Santa Monica Pier.

Metro’s bike share station map shows that Pasadena’s 34 bike stations will be unveiled on July 14, with the Port’s bike stations following on July 31. Venice will get its bike hubs later this year, and Culver City might team up with LA to put hubs in next year.

The Metro bike share program launched less than a year ago.